Welcome to Brawlers Tavern!

Hello Friend!

Why is there not a drink in your hand? Come on in to Brawlers Tavern for some ale, stories, laughter, and most certainly: a brawl.

If that's not your cup o' mead, venture outside and quest with your friends, form a guild, chat with other players, and join in on the competitions!

Prepare yourself for an adventure that will continue for generations to come...

See you lot down at the Tavern!

Screenshot of The Tavern

Something For Everyone

Pixel art character posing in a fighting stance with sword and shield
Go head-to-head in the ranked arena or train with your friends and rivals. Participate in tournaments for weekly prizes and glory
An animation of the in game emoticon system
The tavern is full of interesting characters. Chat and make new friends, form alliances and venture together
An animation showing the different character customizations
There are several options to create a unique character with variations that are only as limited as your imagination

An animated flag graphic

Partake in solo and team games like capture the flag, hide n' seek, jousting, races, and much more

An animation of the different guild helmets in game
Join or lead your own guild and team up with allies in tavern games and tournaments
A pixel art character that looks like a king
Brawlers Tavern is currently in open alpha and is being expanded upon every day Join discord for the latest updates

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